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Mx M or NB Thicc Sissies Apply Here!


Apr 28, 2018
Heya friends! Im looking for something a bit specific here today. I want to bang some sissies. Like straight up, I am super eager about that.

Now, what kind of things do i like?

  1. Thicc. Seriously, make your boi with the juiciest fat ass that you can. I love it.
  2. Tits! Good for humiliation, and teasing about being less than a man
  3. Breeding and pregnancy, yet another way to make your sissy revel in how pathetic he is by putting babies in him!
  4. Very mild bullying and abuse of little balls and dick.
  5. Tattoos, piercings etc.
Honestly, just come to me with a thicc sissy, and we can put something fun together!

Hope to hear from you all!
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