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Fx Nonbinary Futa/Dickgirl needed for Monster girl setting


May 30, 2019
I'm looking for someone that can play a female who becomes a dickgirl or futa in a monster girl setting. They can be a knight/Mage/ect. and will be escorting a researcher as they search for a way to defeat a Succubus dimigod and stop the spread of monster girls. They will have to stave off corruption and possible transformation throughout their quest.

The Holy Order, in a last-ditch effort to stop the invasion of monster girls, has put together a small team to finally destroy the Succubus Queen. More than half of the men in the region have been captured by the monsters and made to breed with them, growing their armies. The Holy Order is lead by a Queen and Pope who have ordered most of the remaining men to the capital for their protection. Recently, monster girls have been mostly silent, leading the Queen and Pope to believe that something is on the horizon. They plan to use this as a chance to find something that can slay the Succubus Queen.

The setting will be based mostly on the monster girl encyclopedia series with a number of changes. The story will not end if the characters are corrupted and I hope for a fairly long story. I have no rule for the post length but an average of at least two to three sentences at a time is preferred.
I mainly use discord to rp but it isn't a deal breaker if you would like to use another method. The setting can be altered to fit your fetishes and kinks, I'm fine with mostly anything.
if you have any questions or are interested, message me with the subject "Futa Hero".
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Also, I would prefer having a partner who could post regularly, not just a couple of days a week.
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