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NBx Female Slime Time! Okay... That Sounded Better in My Head

Apr 7, 2017
somewhre that is -1 hour GMT
Pretty much just a straight up sentient slime plot. Fantasy or Sci-fi, either way is fine with me for setting. It's mostly smut, but want to incorporate a story as well.

First off, I'll be playing as the slime character, as with some other characters who would be important to the plot. Being able to play multiple characters in turn will be very helpful. Just make sure it's an amount that you can handle.

For kinks, expect exhibitionism, group sex, and public sex for the fantasy plot, while Sci-fi will focus on more Master-slave elements added. Hard limits will be death, gore, anything belonging in the toilet. I'm willing to try new stuff out, and the kinks mentioned aren't my full list, just the ones that fit best here.

I usually do at least one paragraph per post, but I usually do a similar length as my partner. Just don't expect novel sized. I'll ask you to be semi-literate, but as long as I can understand what you post, Minor typos aren't an issue. Also I will GREATLY appreciate it if you start things off so I can see how you write. DO NOT SKIP THIS STUFF! Also, as I want the most natural responses possible, I go with only female roleplayers. Having male partners just kills inspiration for me regarding Smut.

Here is a basic idea of what I am craving for each setting.

Fantasy: A small group of female adventurers go on a quest to recover or slay an Alchemist's escaped creation. However the Alchemist's got an ulterior motive, to learn if his creation is as dangerous as he designed it to be. The creation is a slime, however, it's sentient, and has an attraction to women. It come across the party, but it doesn't kill them, instead being peaceful and docile, albeit very lewd and wanting to "play" with them often with constantly devouring their clothes and gear, but never the girls themselves. The Alchemist wants to make the slime a mindless weapon that devours everything, and will stop at nothing to get his creation back. (Girls can be furries, elves, humans, Nekomimi/catgirls etc )

Sci-Fi: A female prisoner is "recruited" by a secret research facility, to used as a disposable test subject for an alien slime to determine it's intelligence and if it's a threat. The shapeshifting, sentient slime however, wants to escape. It takes an interest in the girl, who was framed for the murders of a serial killer who is a crucial member of the government. What would happen if the slime decides to claim the woman as its property, and uses sexual methods to "domesticate" her?

These can be altered if you want, and am open to any suggestions or ideas you have in mind. If interested or have any questions, send me a PM and I'll respond as soon as possible. Thanks for reading
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