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Shifter ops


May 12, 2019
This is a story of Luna who comes to join a military "Special" ops unit, chalk full of unique shifters. Our story start with her saying goodbye to her old Boss rex as she watched him pass away like so many other humans in her life.

She then meets Kodiak Griswold and his team of shifters. Water, Fire, and Earth. All she needs is a wind element and the team will be complete. Enter in Brody Jamison, a U.S.A Marine sniper first class, working in Russian foreign intelligence. Kodi decides to hide her Identity until the annual Gala ball, where he introduces her as a "family friend. The boys are thrown for a loop as the see her dressed to the nines in a lovely midnight dress, that has an open back.

AS the Gala draws to a close, he introduces Luna as the new commander of his team. Brody is silent, Ace has a knowing smirk, Theo grins widely, and Sage is furious. The team have to learn to work together as a cohesive unit. Just as thing start to come together, a research Scientist wants to come "Inspect" the base where they live and train.

Little does the team know that this scientist and higher government agencies wish to figure out the secret to cloning rare shifters like the four of them. They are gassed and strapped down to tables, escaping barely they are now consider AWOL and extremely dangerous. They are now being hunted like terrorist, all while the boys each start to have feelings for her and vice versa.

I intend for this to be a long RP, so please only respond if you can commit to a very involved and detail oriented sotry line. There will be some intimate monets throughtout, but this is more about the story and less about the smut. If you are interested please pm me.
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