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Mx Female Perverted Old Man seeking Busty Females for some Non-Con to Con scenes! (PMs/Threads/Discord/F-Chat)


Beast Boy!
Oct 29, 2018
As you could probably tell from the title, I'm looking to play as a perverted old man who corrupts and fucks some busty women in a non/dub-con to con manner! This is really the only thing set in stone for this, as I'm pretty open to everything else!

Kink List! Here is where I list most of my kinks, but if the site is down or if you want a simple breakdown, here you go.

Favs: Huge Breasts, Breast Obsession, Breast Sensitivity, Curvy Women, Sloppy Make-out Sessions, Non/Dub-Con to Con, Beach Scenes, Massage Scenes, Interracial, Adultery, Body Worship, Musk Play, Face-Sitting, Cunnilingus, Rimming, Corruption, Degradation, Huge Asses, Blowjobs, Breeding, Mind Control, Superheroines, MILFs, Threesomes(FxFxM)

As for my Nos, they are pretty simple.

Nos: Under 16, Scat, Piss, Vomit, Vore, Death, Torture, Pure Non-Con, Hardcore Violence, Physical Abuse

Everything else you can just ask about!

As for scenarios, I'm open to most, but here's a list! These are all just basic ideas, I'm open to discuss further into these.

At the Beach: Old man approaches a busty suntanner, offering to apply sunscreen onto her back.
Massage Parlor: An elderly masseur massages one of his busty clients.
Next-Door Neighbors: Old man invites his busty neighbor over to enjoy drinks.
Interrogation: A busty cop interrogates an elderly criminal.
Pull-Over: A corrupt elderly cop pulls over a busty citizen.
Villainy: An old man corrupts a busty heroine.
Pick-Up: An old man driver picks up a busty woman, either a hitch-hiker or someone who had their car break down.

These are just the first to jump to mind, feel free to offer any of your own ideas!

I do have a love for few fandoms, such as Teen Titans(2003), Yu-Gi-Oh!(Original), Skyrim, Fallout and DC Comics. My favorite canons to play against are Starfire, Raven, Power Girl, Wonder Woman and Tea Gardner, but I'm open to others!

Also, if you just want to jump into things rather than discussing a scene, give it a shot and give me a starter in PMs!

Let us discuss some things and hopefully we can get something going!
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