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Fx Any {fandom/original} short and sweet, just like me.~ {pm}

May 7, 2019
i've got a thread with some ideas here, but what i really want are some new ideas, so i'm gonna toss
this thread out into the ether, as well. basically, i want to try fun new things, so bring me your ideas!
please read my rules and my hard limits before pming me.
☀ while i try to respond as quickly as possible, some days i just don't feel like writing. please give
me at least two days before sending a message to check on replies. i usually post updates to my profile
on when i think replies will be out by, but if you need an update, as long as it's been more than two
days since my last response, feel free to message me. realistically, i'll reply about two to three times
per week.
☀ i only write here on blue moon. i prefer pm, but will also do thread. please do not ask me to go off
site; the answer will always be no.
☀ please don't approach me and call me pet names or speak to me sexually ooc. it's really creepy if
you think this is okay to do. this will result in an instant block.
☀ bring me an idea when you pm me! don't just send me a generic message asking if i'm still looking
or saying you have an idea for me. send it! the worst i can do is say no and let you know what i would
tweak about it or something. boring messages don't make me want to write with you.
☀ i prefer if you can muster up at least a paragraph. my responses are usually in the one-to-three
paragraph range, but that could go up if i'm really inspired in the moment. please also be willing to
check your spelling and grammar; multiple errors that render the response unreadable turn me off.
here's my f-list for more detail. use cntrl / command + f to find your favorites!
hard limits
i will not write any of the following:
✘ rape / non-con.
✘ vore / gore.
✘ ageplay / ddlg / parent play.
✘ parent/aunt/uncle x child incest.
✘ growth / inflation.
✘ scat / vomit.
✘ micro / macro / hyper unrealistic body proportions / etc.
✘ hypnotism / mind control.
✘ first / second person perspective.
well, that's about it! i welcome you bringing me your ideas. please feel free to just link me to your
thread if you think we'd make good partners, or feel free to pitch plots / ideas in your pm! i look
forward to hearing from everyone!
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