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Guitarman's new general request thread


Dec 26, 2018
So here we are, folks. My old thread wasn't pulling in many new RPs, so let's try this again? I hope it'll be better than the last. My mind works in odd ways, so this will be written very stream of consciousness style and will likely be edited relatively soon.

About me
(read in a David Attenborough voice):
The wild Guitarman is a college student in his natural habitat. He likes the smutty things, the story things, and especially the romantic things. He is available to write practically all day and night, and likes to give 1-5 paragraphs per post, preferably at least two. He enjoys OCC and getting to know his new partners/friends and is very approachable. He loves hearing new ideas! Now that we've learned about him, what kinds of things does he like? 3rd person, past tense, playing with female, shemale, and futa characters only.

He does NOT like ghosting. Tell him if you shall be absent for an extended period of time. If no replies in 2-3 days, he shall give you a gentle poke. No replies in 5-7 days and the RP will be considered done and deleted from his inbox.

What I like in my partnerinos, neighborino
Intelligent responses
Friendly OCC
1-5 paragraphs in return
Help plotting (come with your own plots? I'll love you forever).
Plays sexy, confident, strong women. Not mindless fucktoys
Can put up with my stupidity

Slice of life:
I like modern day plots in the good ol' regular world. Many pairings will make me happy. Seriously. Almost anything you can throw at me...
"But that's lazy, you jackass! Give them some ideas!"
Well, uh... Since you asked so kindly? Here are some pairings I either like or would like to try! My preferred role is on the right.

Doctor or nurse/patient
Erotic massage scenes
Fan/her favorite musician

That's it for now...

I'll admit. Not to experienced in this. But I am interested. Not really into all the like, magic and dragons and shit. I would prefer it gritty and dark.

Not many. Mine would be:

Star Wars
Dark Souls (the OG one)

Other assorted likes
Other things your boy likes.

I love a good incest RP! In order of preference, my favorite roles are...


I do like an occasional celeb RP (well, playing against one). If you're interested in indulging me, some favorites are... In no particular order of preference.

Jennifer Lopez
Emma Stone
Priyanka Chopra
Ariel Winter
Abigail Ratchford
Celeste Bonin
Lindsey Pelas
Sofia Vergara
Scarlett Johansson
Tessa Thompson
Leanna Decker
Your suggestions!

Historical Settings
Check out my other RT for that! A link for your convenience

Many! Mains though, are...

Anal play
Oral (giving and receiving)
Sexy clothing
Confident/slutty/sultry women
Wet and soapy sex
Hair (on the head) really turns me on! You can ask for more details if you're so inclined!

Few and far between! They would be:
Extreme violence
Boring submissives

Ending/how to contact your overlord (que the loud applause)
You made it here! Damn! If you see something you like, hit me up with a PM! Don't be shy! I also play exclusively over PMs.
Hope you had fun on this wild ride... And keep on rocking in the free world.
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