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NBx F or NB Seeking a GM/DM for Lewd Adventure and Salacious Skill Sheets! [Discord Only]

Apr 3, 2010
A succinct summation: I'm looking for someone to play the part of a DM/GM for sexy adventures.

Quick disclaimers! I'm only looking to play over Discord, and so we're absolutely clear, I'm looking to play one character against someone who plays multiples. I'm looking for someone to fill that DM/GM role for me! I play as males and women with something extra. That something extra is a cock and balls. Duh! I am interested in any character that identifies as "she". I am attracted to femininity and characters who refer to themselves as "she". What can I say? I love the feminine physique, yet am not too picky about what's downstairs. Also I'm usually available after 11pm EST most nights. On days off, I'll be around for most of the day. For the most part, though, you'll be catching me nights.

Requisite F-list kink list: F-list - Warning The big take away is I'm not a fan of humiliation and degradation. I mean, yeah, I'll make you a collared pet good for only pleasing dick, but only because you think its totally awesome! Or mind control hijinx came into play. Respect is important like that. I also like holding hands. The same applies for rape and non-con. Scenes should, at worst, be a dub-con moment where a thorough dicking leads to an epiphany that, yes, getting boned right now is the fucking tits. Cocks totally work like that, honest. So does mind control, worth stating twice! Its the pleading and crying that kills the mood for me, and I think everyone here is in unanimous agreement that fucking is totally awesome - so let's have fun with it!

Alright, The Actual Content

So let's get to it then! The basis of what I'm looking for is lewd Adventure and Advancement! I want to explore various settings with my character while unlocking new powers and abilities that allow them to better tackle the world around them...and bed various beauties. What, did you really think I'd leave that part out? As you would be filling the DM/GM role, the various lovelies my character would encounter would fall into your purview, along with the various threads that lead to new discoveries. Now don't get me wrong, this doesn't mean I'm going to foist all the responsibility onto you. I indulge in doing tons of world building myself, and will develop settings, history, and various characters to plop into our story. I fully want and expect to be your co-writer in all this, I just happen to also enjoy indulging in that fantasy of having tons of girls fawning over me. Can you really blame me?

I'm open to a variety of settings, too! From the slow exploration of something modern and almost slice of life, to being tossed into a fantasy world right out of a video game! I actually have a few plotted out, and would be more than happy to discuss them in further detail once we hit things off.

The characters I play are just as varied, too! From an adorable, fluffy kitsune god, a succubus who stepped through the wrong rift, a princess sealed away for millennia, to your typical anime protagonist - I have an assortment of characters to offer, and if none of them strike your fancy then we can work on creating a new hero for our lewd tale!

Skills and Development

Actually developing what my character is capable of is a core part of the experience I'm looking for, and its the facet of my search that compels me to find someone who enjoys the GM/DM role as opposed to someone who just plays multiple characters. Certain achievements and milestones within the story will grant my character access to new abilities that will open up possibilities for further lewd fun. For those of you familiar with tabletop games, this is nothing new. In fact the example system I'll present is extremely simplified compared to actual pen and paper gaming.

Here's an example "skill tree" based around one of my settings. The background for this particular set of abilities is that of a fledgling god building up their base of power.

Devotion: A branch of abilities centered around gathering priestesses and divine attendants.

Conversion >>> Divine Contract >>> Spiritual Pact >>> Celestial Exchange >>> Heavenly Calling

Conversion: Transform a mortal into a loyal and devoted priestess of minimal power.
Divine Contract: Become able to take on celestial beings as attendants. Includes oni, tengu, inari, and other such creatures associated with the gods.
Spiritual Pact: Priestesses may be promoted to a higher rank, capable of wielding more divine power. Priestesses or mortals turned by conversion may also be transformed into celestial beings.
Celestial Exchange: Priestesses of other gods may be traded for with one's own priestesses.
Heavenly Calling: One priestess may be chosen and designated as "High Priestess", capable of harnessing an exceptional amount of her god's power.

And here's another based around a school of magic concerned only with capturing cuties:

Enslavement: A branch of abilities focused around mental subjugation.

Slave Collar >>> Spectral Bindings >>> Enhanced Accessories >>> Enthrallment

Slave Collar: Conjure an enchanted collar to convert a target into a loyal slave. The collar will only properly subdue submissive or willing targets, as strong willed subjects will only be momentarily dazed before overcoming its effects. Only one collar may be created per day.
Spectral Bindings: Summon forth an array of ethereal ropes, cuffs, blindfolds, and other accessories to temporarily bind and subdue a target. The magical nature of these bindings mean they are only temporary, and may be overcome with a sufficient display of force or rendered useless by magical resistance.
Enhanced Accessories: Spectral Bindings and Slave Collar now slowly sap the willpower of a target, allowing the two to be used in tandem with other means to render a target docile and ultimately tamed.
Enthrallment: A powerful enchantment that allows a Slave Collar to overwhelm a target and enslave them with complete certainty. This ability may only ever be used once.

Again, this is only an example. New skills could be acquired in a number of ways, from a new ability being unlocked upon a "level up" to certain events granting a number of experience points used to purchase skills at varying costs. Developing infrastructure is also tons of fun, because who doesn't love watching their base of operations grow and grow? From a castle to a temple or shrine, I'd very much like to have additional development in the form of a place my character calls home which can be upgraded for various other bonuses. There's so much more to discuss here, from magical items and artifacts with unique properties, kinky additions to my character's home base, and even a variety of quests to tackle with fun little sub-plots and enticing rewards. We're only scratching the surface here!

I'm open to playing out both a simplified system without any rolls where the skill sheets are just a fun way to add new options and avenues for my character to pursue, or branching out into a proper pen and paper campaign. Want more, want less? Don't be afraid to tell me so we can strike that sweet spot.

Do You Want to Run a Fun and Lewd Adventure? Then Message Me!

In summary, the bold text says it all! The fastest way to reach me is over Discord, so if you're interested go ahead and send me a message with your handle so I can add you! Once more a quick little recap for those who like to skim and message on impulse: I'm looking for a GM/DM. I play one character. You play multiples. This will be over Discord only. I play males and women with a cock and balls. I want you to play any character that identifies as "she".

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to your messages. Ciao!
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