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Fx F or NB Superheroine Seduction! (F/F, F/Futa)


Dec 25, 2015
Hi everyone,

UPDATE 12/25 Craving a BBW villainess! New: Scenes 7, 8, 9, and 10!

Looking for a quick scene with a filthy villainess (seductress with a specific fetish) overtaking a heroine. Feet, ass, etc., the fetish itself is up for negotiation!

I’m looking for original villainesses to face off against my original superheroines. Here are a few scenes I’m looking for in particular:

1. A loser villainess has been obsessed with a heroine for years, but her attempts to land her crush were laughable. Now the heroine comes to her for some essential information, and the villainess has her right where she wants her...

2. A middle-aged villainess has been defeated over and over, and she develops an insatiable craving for rookie heroines unassuming enough to fall into her traps...

3. A huge, goofy futa skunk is armed with mating pheromones that bypass even superhuman resistance...

4. A villainess, through blackmail or other means, makes a heroine her 'girlfriend', and intends to make their relationship as public as possible, taking her out everywhere for public displays of affection and making the heroine wear whatever she wants. How far will this go?

5. A villainess has crucial information that heroines are looking for, but demands bizarre favors that throw the heroine league into chaos, and see heroines deceiving their friends and leading them into danger. What is her end game?

6. A seductress lures a heroine into a full-on relationship. The heroine has to keep the relationship a secret, even as the villainess uses her to take out her rivals. When one rival’s seduction proves too much for her, who will win in the resulting love triangle?

7. A 'cupid' type trickster villainess is able to make one person fall in love with another. She accepts payments from villainesses looking to land their dream heroines, or just likes to sow chaos by making heroines fall in love with villainesses, maybe in the interest of stopping the superheroine-villainess war by making them fall in love with one another...

8. Randomized fights! A super heroine and villainess compete in dice rolls post by post, until one character reaches zero HP. It isn't combat as much as willpower, though wrestling is welcome!

9. Fair fight: A heroine agrees to a woman-to-woman battle, but she doesn't read the contract. Her opponent chooses the outfits? They're wrestling on a huge bed? And the first to orgasm loses!?

10. Bully: A rookie heroine busts a sex trade operation but one of the low-level thugs is her bully from high school... and the bully recognizes her! Now, she'll have to do things filthier than she ever imagined to protect her secret identity... with no end in sight!

That’s it for now! Let me know if you’re interested.
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