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Supernatural Being... Having fun while they can.

Jul 7, 2017
There are more mass killings, rape and suffering than ever. Because the thin veil between earth and the other planes have holes and demons and other creatures could escape to have fun. Many of these creatures are simply curious and humans and other life are simply toys. While there are some who are out for wanton destruction, most of them are just out, and having fun.

Of course, humans are also food. Many of these supernatural beings feed on humans, sometimes killing them.


Xand is a skinwalker. It likes to consume its victims and get their memories and looks to live their lives before picking a next body. Sometimes it wants power and money, and other times just for looks. Xand recently was fond of being a streetwalker as she gets to fuck whoever she wants.

[Pimp and local gang found murdered and skinned.] The news headlines said as Xand smiled as she was reading the news while fucking a police sergeant in a back alley. The sergeant was mesmerized and she fucked him and grabbed a trembling plump cop who was cuffed and gagged and started giving him a blow job.


Xand is one of the few supernatural creatures who were out just to fuck around until someone or something kills them and they have to go back. YOu can play a supernatural creatures (please, not too OP) or a hunter trying to send all of them to where they come from .
Jul 7, 2017
Vixxen followed police sirens and saw many cops in an alley. She sniffed and smelled the nice scent to an old cop and approached. She saw the cop walking to the rear of the police car and searching the trunk and as no one was looking, Vixxen covered his mouth and choked him. "Shhhh..." Vixxen said and shoved him into the trunk and entered the police car and drove off.

She dragged the old cop to a park and waited for the old cop to wake up. She started kissing and making out with the old cop. The old cop was overpowered and she rubbed against his dick and started fucking him hard till he ejaculated.

The old cop laid on his back and an hour later, he was confused and his pants were down and he was all sticky. His gun was still there and nothing was stolen. "What the fuck..." The cop muttered and cleaned himself up and returned to the police station.


Vixxen enjoyed herself and noticed the increase in police activity. "Something is going on here." She said and smiled as she could smell another old cop. "Ooooh.. a sergeant." She said and moved behind a short balding cop and covered his mouth. A fist to the back of his head and the short cop went limp.

A sergeant heard muffled moans and saw 3 cops in a police van -- limp and as he reached for his police radio, a tazer was shoved into his neck and he was shocked. Vixxen cuffed him and gagged him and circle around the building and moved behind 2 cops. The cops were choked and they pawed helplessly at her as they could not breathe. The cops were dragged into the police van and she started to fuck the sergeant. The sergeant trembled in fear as he was subdued and overpowered.

2 motorcycle cops arrived and they looked around and a motorcycle cop approached the van and saw the limp cops and the sergeant twitching. "What the..." he muttered before his mouth was covered.
Jul 7, 2017
Xand walked behind a church and heard the sounds of heartbeat and moved and hid. She saw an old priest taking the trash in the back of the church and approached him. "Hi..." She said as she grabbed the old priest and kissed him. The priest struggled as she pulled down his pants and started jerking him off. "You smell like a church..." She said as she overpowered him and started fucking him.

She sniffed the priest and could smell fear and after fucking him. She dragged him into the church and tossed him naked on the altar. "This church is not so holy..." She said as she looked around. She saw a collections box and used a metal rod and opened it and found a lot of money. "Wow, jackpot." She did not notice that it triggered the silent alarm as she looked around. "Wow, that old guy was alone." She said and could sense more people approaching.

She walked and circled on the outside of the church and found 2 police cars and approached the car with an old sergeant inside. She grabbed the sergeant and stared into his eyes. "How many more cops are there?" She asked. The sergeant showed 3 fingers and she grabbed the sergeant and walked him around the church and looked into his eyes. "Stay here and masturbate, wait for me to come fuck you later."

She saw a balding old cop entering the church and moved behind him. "Piggy smells good." She said as she grabbed him and turned him around. The cop was shocked and disarmed as she stared into his eyes. "Sit here and masturbate..." She said and moved towards the other cops as she grabbed the cop's tazer.

A fat cop checked on the naked priest, twitching in pain and heard muffled moans and saw Xand tasering his partner. "Shit..." He shouted and reached for his gun and she grabbed his gun and disarmed him. Zand was inhumanly strong and lifted him up by the neck and grabbed his balls. The fat cop moaned and was trembling in fear and she took his baton and pulled down his pants. The cop begged and she shoved the baton up his ass and laughed. She returned to the other cops and started fucking them.

"Churches are so much less holy now." Xand said. "So easily defiled."

The sergeant was fucked over and over again and she bit into his throat and drained his bodily fluids until he stopped moving. "These taser things are quite fun." She said and walked away with their weapons, leaving the cops with their pants down and cuffed in the church.
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