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  1. Shale

    Mx F or NB Looking for my mommy/milf (older x younger)

    I'm looking for anything that might fall within a mommy / little boy relationship. No underage, and no infantilism. I want it to not be smut oriented, but sweet and romantic, but within the confines of this type of relationship. Be it an older woman and younger man who are strangers or friends...
  2. susan_haynes19

    Can I Rape Your Daughter?

    Can I Rape Your Daughter? This is a work of fiction that came from my disgusting mind. I do not condone any actions against young girls or anybody else. Codes: M/f, M+/f, F/f, Rape, Drugs, Prostitution, Teen, Interracial A woman runs out of money to buy her drugs. So she offers her...
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