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  1. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes - Akota Region(Roleplay)(NSFW)

    I've have decided we will no longer be looking for other people to join the roleplay. The link to the character creation is below. Pogimon Heroes Buildings Roads North - Rout One - Lindor Fields[/SPOILER] Flower Patch Pokemon Roads North - Torinta Town South - Ikori Village[/SPOILER]...
  2. wolfsujiyama

    Pogimon Heroes(Character Creation)(NSFW)

    Pogimon Heroes is a group rp that has both Pokemon and Digimon within a story roleplay, i no longer need any more people. Rules and other things will be located Below. Story Pokemon and Humans have always lived together for as long as they could remember, but no-one knows very much about them...
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