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Forced Impregnation, Tentacle Rape, Demon/Alien Breeding.
01-24-2010, 11:41 PM
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Forced Impregnation, Tentacle Rape, Demon/Alien Breeding.
I seek females with a depraved lust for wicked sinfulness. It is exceedingly likely that such women will find themselves leashed and collared, enslaved to the lurid desires of a demanding inhuman master.

I've made an F-List of my kinks and favorite fetishes for interested parties to peruse.

From my short story "Court of Carcosa":

Quote:She scarcely noticed when the female guards tilted the Urn of Corruption into her chamber. The wicked vixens licked their lips and obscene filth poured into her cell from above. More worms, grubs, larvae, serpents, and other nameless vermin than could ever fit within the dimensions of the large Urn rapidly filled the chamber. Camilla was buried alive in a morass of unspeakable crawling horrors. At the edge of her pit, behind the guards, the Prince shook hands with Camilla's father. Accompanying them was Camilla's younger sister, who looked eager, almost avid, at her elder sibling's fate.

And this is an example of my roleplaying expertise via Instant Pestering:

Quote:Decadent_Prince: *Slowly advances towards you, his hands pulling your hips closer to him. Bulging pods on the tips of his violet tentacles opening and closing like some fleshy flower. The stench of raw sex emanates from his being; pink phallus tips emerging and retracting from his languorous alien limbs, pulsing in time to your heartbeat, and surrounded by dozens of wriggling golden cilia.* "I would think you'd want to be in the arms of your mate forever... we are fated to always tryst together... your womb and my seed will soon be one."

An Original Sci-Fi Setting I've been aching to try:

Quote:Biomechanical Sex Titans: A distant post-apocalyptic transhuman future where biological war machines defend transhumanity against otherdimensional threats. The biomachines are powered by orgone energy; the psychic force released during orgasm, and have mostly female operators due to the feminine anatomy's greater sensitivity and ability to achieve multiple orgasms. The living mechanisms range from 400-ton Behemoths with dozens of females interfaced within the shared pleasure network to shapeshifting BioCycles that use powerful engine vibrations to increase the operator's pleasure.

[Image: cumgengirls2.png]

Lately, I have been REALLY hankering for a Tentacle X Superheroine roleplay involving Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Zatanna and/or She-Hulk. Similar Super-Strong Sexy original superheroines will be considered; but obvious/blatant knock-offs are much less desirable than the genuine article.
  • The best way to contact me is through Yahoo Mess: decadent_prince_2007
  • although I can also be reached via email: <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->
  • I might be spending more time in the Blue Moon Chat, if you know where that is.
  • It is unlikely that I will reply very often to Forum PM's, as I am a bit uncomfortable with Forums.[/list:u]
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01-25-2010, 06:41 AM
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Femme-Power Superheroine Convention

The Femme-Power Superheroine Convention

Easily the largest superheroine convention in the world, this gathering is held annually at the San Diego Convention Center. It has become the most popular marketing sensation for both aspiring and established Superheroines. Many Superheroines are able to fund their entire year's worth of activity solely through the proceeds of the Convention.

This year may prove to be a bit different, however.

It would seem that various otherdimensional entities; Demons, for lack of a batter term, have been concentrating their presence in San Diego, in preparation for something big. Rumors that the renegade scientist Dr. Elizabeth Sinclair has been seen visiting the AIM cell in San Diego and she may be planning another attempt to breach the interdimensional barrier into BroodSpace.

Whatever transpires, it's certain that the Superheroines who attend this year's Femme-Power will have an experience worthy of remembrance.
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01-26-2010, 01:50 AM
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Re: Forced Impregnation, Tentacle Rape, Demon/Alien Breeding.
[Image: 1533043769.jpg][Image: 32386702.jpg][Image: 753720399.jpg]

The Breeding Pits

Deep beneath the Palace, in the darkest of caverns, are the Breeding Pits of Carcosa. Here, horrible demonic monsters interbreed with humanoid females from many different worlds, vigorously mating with them in unbridled bestial lust. Harsh use of these chained and shackled beauties causes them to orgasm against their will despite the cruelty and violence of their rape. The creatures assault them continually, never resting until their wombs are seeded and their bellies swell with new larval horrors which will be inflicted upon new slavegirls cast down into the breeding pits.

Some girls, seeking an escape from a life too difficult to bear, will willingly sneak down the forbidden passageways into the Breeding Pits and give themselves over to a lifetime of vicious alien impregnation. Others are captured noblewomen kept in prison cells; fertile wives and nubile daughters of those who have offended the Royalty of the Palace. Most are simply breeding slaves, kidnapped from a simple life only to have great horrors visited upon their vulnerable wombs as they hang shackled to the walls of the voluminous caverns.
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01-26-2010, 08:24 PM
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Graz'zt and Iggwilv: A Demonic Romance

Graz'zt and Iggwilv
A Demonic Romance

It began with the demon prince Graz'zt; Emperor of Azzagrat, Suzerain of Zelatar, and Ebon Lord of the Abat-Dolor. Tyrant of three mighty dimensions within the nigh-infinite Abyss; the Demon Prince of Power and Pleasure desired more realms to exert his will upon. To this end, he planned to bring the world of Oerth into the barren Dreaming Gulf and increase his lordship and dominion. Demons were sent to possess the nobles of the Great Kingdom of Aerdy, secret temples were erected in lands far to the north, and the very elemental forces of the world were slowly defiled and corrupted over the centuries, suffusing reality itself with a miasma of demonic evil.

But then something happened that Graz'zt did not foresee. The Witch Queen Iggwilv carved herself a Queendom in the far north where the secret temples of Graz'zt lay hidden. The temples were ruled by female priestesses of Graz'zt, willing Thralls who had eagerly mated with the mighty demon prince and gladly bore his offspring; cambion half-demon children that formed a demonic sorcerer's army. These depraved pleasure Thralls pledged their loyalty to their new High Priestess, Iggwilv, for she had studied the ways of Demonkind for centuries, and had conceived an ambitious plan.

The Witch Queen promised to summon Graz'zt to Oerth and teach this summoning ritual to the Thralls who could then satisfy their dark cravings for illicit lovemaking with their Lord and Master at their whim. So it was that the night of the great ritual, a tremendous orgy was held within the hollow mountain crown that Iggwilv had desecrated and defiled with her powerful magics. Thralls of Graz'zt mated and rutted with all manner of creatures, beasts, demons, and wicked men; all to produce enough obscene sexual energies for the Grand Summoning.

Iggwilv focused all this lust and depravity by sacrificing a young elven lad whom she had seduced into loving her so absolutely that he went under the knife willingly. Rising out of the concentrated power of the summoning ritual, Graz'zt found himself trapped by Iggwilv's binding ritual and forced by the ancient pact of summoning to perform for the endless train of depraved and perverted priestesses that had been fervently praying for this moment. He was not gentle with them.

Iggwilv kept Graz'zt bound to the summoning circle, demanding that he favor her with all his lovemaking essence so that she could birth him a heir who was not merely a cambion half-demon, but a true malevolent demigod. She cajoled him, enticed him with all her wiles and seductive glamour. She humiliated herself by begging him naked on all fours like a bitch-dog. She promised to be his slave for all eternity, offering her body, her soul, anything, anything at all for the precious priceless gift of his dark and majestic seed. Night after night, Iggwilv abased herself before the demon prince she ached for like a lovesick schoolgirl, longing to bear him a child.

And yet, he refused. He refused her for two hundred long years.

Until one night... he didn't.
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01-29-2010, 12:10 AM
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Forced Impregnation, Tentacle Rape, Demon/Alien Breeding.
[Image: 1472100639.jpg]

The Elf Queen and the Orc Warlord

Taken in a daring raid by Ilneval of the Bloody Blade, the Elf Queen Glindriel is shackled and collared like a common pleasure slave in a dirty hide houngan near a smoky fire. Outside, three mighty hordes of the Great Eastern Tribes lay in wait along the Elven Forest's Borderlands. 60,000 Orc Warriors eager to pillage and rape. Glindriel lays upon thickly piled furs which line the floor of Ilneval's nomadic sanctum. Whne finally, Ilneval enters through the hide flap, the large bulge evident in his crotch clearly indicating his malevolent intent. The barbaric brute's rippling green musculature secretly exciting the royal sylvan woman's innermost desires.
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01-30-2010, 07:26 AM
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Re: Forced Impregnation, Tentacle Rape, Demon/Alien Breeding.
Treaty of Sirenia
Darkly Erotic Science Fiction

NOTE: This roleplay setting draws from a number of obscure sources combined to make a hopefully interesting background setting for erotic science fiction.


When the Ur-Quan Hierarchy of Battle Thralls invaded the Orion Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy, many intelligent species banded together to resist their onslaught. This alliance became known as the League of Sentient Entities and it was slowly being crushed by the superior numbers, technology and sheer ruthlessness of the Hierarchy. The League desperately appealed to one of the elder races, the Sa'Vasku, who had recently entered the Milky Way Galaxy for obscure reasons of their own.

In return for assisting the League and declaring war on the Hierarchy, the Sa'vasku demanded that select females from certain League Races must participate in a galaxy-spanning Sa'Vasku genetic program. Essentially, this granted the Sa'Vasku diplomatic license to freely abduct, rape and impregnate females from all signatory races. In exchange for this rather horrifying price, the Sa'vasku would commit the full might of one of their Broodminds against the Ur-Quan Heirarchy of Battle Thralls. Furthermore, a steady quota of female volunteers wishing to participate in the Broodmind's breeding program would be provided by the League.

After much deliberation and after suffering numerous defeats by the Heirarchy, the League finally agreed to the Sa'Vasku's price in desperation, provided that the Sa'Vasku would assign priority for their biogenetic activities to worlds facing the Front Line of the Heirarchy's fleets. This agreement was reached at a grand conference on Sirenia, homeworld of the Syren race. The Syren were 99% females after the Mycon Battle Thralls of the Heirarchy infected their homeworld with a biological agent that eliminated most of the male population. Before the bulk of Sa'Vasku forces could arrive to face the Heirarchy, the Mycon destroyed Sirenia by injecting singularity growths into the planetary core. but most of the population was able to evacuate as the planetary destruction process was not instantaneous.

Sirenia Brothel

Sirenia Station orbits the debris field and singularity left over from the destruction of Sirenia at the hands [fungal manipulators] of the Mycon. The station houses a extensive and ornate Brothel that has become known throughout the Galaxy as the prime site for interspecies sex and prostitution. The station is now run by the Neogenesis Corporation as a vacation spot for travellers who wish to experience or witness interspecies mating rituals. Female tourists are aggressively recruited to serve as volunteers, or simply abducted and taken against their will. This is just one small way that Neogenesis profits from the Sa'Vasku breeding trade.

The lowest of the prostitutes are Kiosk Slaves who are shackled and chained to payment posts. Any alien that wishes to use their bodies can deposit credits at the post and use the female publicly.

Other specimens are placed into large orbital crystal holding tanks filled with biochemicals that make the female specimen aroused and docile. Breeding tentacles that have achieved interspecies potency can then be inserted into the access ports in order to gain access to the sexual organs and genitals of the specimen.

Some Prostitutes are allowed to run free in simulated outdoor environments where they can be hunted, chased, caught and used by potential mates.

Demonspace Penitentary for Wayward Females. and Breedlove Laboratories
A persistent rumor in the colonies is that a prison for female inmates has been overrun by the Sa'Vasku. And that the warden, a renowned scientist named Dr. Cynthia Breedlove, is conducting unethical scientific experiments in league with the Broodlords.

Dr. Breedlove has noted in her personal journal that as she conducts these sorts of experiments, she finds herself subject to a significant and noticable degree of sexual arousal and stimulation. It may be that research into sexually transgressive species can become habit-forming.

Personal Journal of Dr. Cynthia Breedlove Wrote:[Image: 329459550.jpg]
The SpermHound; notice how vigorously it interacts with the prisoner. She was injured resisting a gangrape and during her stay in the infirmary she is allowed to participate in valuable scientific research.

BROODMIND LEVIATHAN (Dominating Progenitor) is a sub-planetary sized biomechanical titan. This vast living spacecraft exudes more pure power than most stellar objects. It currently contains most of the Dominating Progenitor Broodmind, and is co-terminous with an undetermined number of dimensions throughout hyperspace, subspace, the warp, parallel timelines, etc. Thus far it has, with it's accompanying Broodhome Motherships, eradicated the Ilwrath Expeditionary Fleet without suffering losses. This was the first display of the molecular disruption beam seen in the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Dominating Progenitor is accompanied by several Broodhome Motherships (Sorrowful Desire, Reluctant Longing, Cathedral of Bliss, Whispered Urge, Forbidden Transgression)
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02-06-2010, 05:28 AM
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Re: Forced Impregnation, Tentacle Rape, Demon/Alien Breeding.
[Image: 599641041.jpg]

The Chauffeur

She was a professional limousine driver and she knew full well that a sexy girl like her was a status symbol to certain types of wealthy men and women. It didn't bother her. If showing off some skin and being driven around by a busty chick turned some guys (or gals) on, that was fine as long as it made her a rather comfortable living. She expected tonight's client to be no different.

The pickup was at the back alley of an exclusive private club, rumored to be one of the notorious international PleasureDromes where any immoral vice could be indulged; for a price. Pleasure slaves could be bought and sold, lurid perversions and depraved urges could be fulfilled in luxurious surroundings, and secrecy and discretion could be relied upon.

What she didn't expect was that the client would sound so horribly coarse and bestial, and that he would reek of sex so strongly. The musky odor actually turned her on, arousing her with it's primal power. He slid the glass divider window up immediately and she couldn't catch a glimpse of his face.

"Just drive," he commanded brusquely. And then the true horror began.

Disgusting green tendrils slid under the driver's seat and around her feet and ankles, worming their way up her calves. More grotesque tentacles slid over the divider window and wrapped around her head and neck, they were hot and pulsating. They stank of vile rutting and obscene mating, their breeding intent clear as a starry night. She struggled not to lose control of the vehicle as a monstrous voice emanated from her nightmarish passenger.

"Keep driving, no matter what happens. Just keep driving."

The voice did not seem interested in discussion.

She kept driving.


AUTHOR'S NOTE: The first tentacle roleplay I ever did was this chauffeur one. It originated from some crazy fetish site listing "chauffeuring" in their fetish list and no one quite knew what it was.
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07-25-2010, 05:01 AM
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Re: Forced Impregnation, Tentacle Rape, Demon/Alien Breeding.
The Slave's Journey
Part One: Inhuman Degradation

Perhaps she was a peasant girl sold off by her impoverished family. Perhaps she was was a delicate maiden or young princess captured by dark forces and unholy powers. Perhaps she was a proud and willful noblewoman renowned for the strength of her character. Their origins are meaningless, these things are all past now.

The slave begins her new life in the sty. She is a pig and forced to live penned up, shackled in filth and muck. Pigs are freely used to any who can hose them down enough to get the grime and offal off their skin. Many pigs are too weak to withstand this treatment and succumb to disease or infected wounds from the rough use they are subjected to. Pigs are not safe from any depravity, no matter how vile. Not a single obscenity is left undone to these lowly and worthless pieces of fuck-meat. Too much refusal or resistance could easily lead to execution for pigs, so most will perform the most debased and degrading acts without question to avoid being put to death by a sadistic and murderously enraged master.

Pigs are worked cruelly and constantly in the salt mines, breaking rocks in quarries, as galley slaves on board naval vessels or subjected to other forms of hard labor. It is simply assumed that all Work Pigs are displeasing by nature and are therefore punished daily by horsewhipping, being forced into uncomfortable positions or other forms of outright torture. Correction for misbehavior is strict and severe, and can involve choking, caging in floor cages where they are forced to lick the soles of footwear as people walk over them, and simply being beaten or struck sharply whenever they display erroneous ways.

Pigs who survive one year in the sties can be selected for use as cow slaves. Cows are kept sheltered in a barn instead of being penned in a sty exposed to the elements. Cows are branded on the flank with a basic symbol to indicate their new status as human cattle. Chattel girls are milked daily and fed with various herbs and treatments to induce lactation and increase their milk production. These drug treatments also enhance their submissive natures and makes them more obedient, helping the cow become more compliant to the demands of those who dominate.

A cow must produce a minimum of two quarts of milk per day after three months in the barn or she may be sent back to the pigsties. Those girls who reach this quota are branded with an additional symbol upon their first branding to indicate their status as milk cows. Cows in the barn are subject to frequent breeding by large Bull Demons, Bulls, Horse Demons and Horses. Their bodies are also available for general use to their owners, and often show signs of mutation; growing stubby cow horns, floppy leathery ears, additional udders, and so forth.

Cow girls tend to be slow-witted due to their drugged and mutated state. For this reason, cows are fitted with nose-rings so that they may be led around on leashes more easily, and cow-bells dangling from slave-collar around their necks. Cows who have reached this final state rarely leave the barnyard and are branded with a final symbol to indicate their permanent status as cows.

Other cows might be selected for use as ponygirls or brood mares and taken to the stables. There they will be mated with by demonic horse creatures. The pain and horror of being violated by a gigantic demon beast's cock is overseen by the Mariscalcus, a royal servant who sees to it that brood mare slaves do not suffer too many casualties.

A Cow or Broodmare who has not reached the permanent state may be selected by the Kennel Mistress or an owner for use as a Kennel bitch. These dog-whores must live in a cage, eat out of a bowl, and service the many dogs of the kennel. Bitches are enchanted to be able to breed litters of puppies and are always in heat. The Kennel Mistress requires that all her bitches must rut whenever possible in order to produce more dogs for the kennel. These puppy-bitches are constantly kept on leashes and are not normally allowed to run free. Kennel bitches are not allowed to walk upright and must crawl at all times. A visitor to the kennels will find many of these bitches whining on all fours, knotted to a large dog, mewling in orgasm as the canine bulge plugs their cunts shut and keeps the runny dogsperm in their wombs.

If a slave serves well in the kennels, she may be taken to the Royal Bestiary where all manner of exotic creatures from many worlds are kept. There, she learns to use her body to pleasure a myriad assortment of strange and wonderful fauna. Nobles and other guests of the court find it relaxing to tour the Bestiary and perhaps indulge an obscene pleasure or three while there.

To be Continued...
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